15 February 2017

One Bravest Act of Love

Falling in love with someone even if the person doesn't love you back in return is one of the bravest acts of love in this world. You are happy simply because the person makes you happy. It seems like the person colors your world in so many ways. Then you started to fall and get confused for doing so, only to realize that the person cannot give back the love you give. You became sensitive, get your heart broken, and no matter how many times you wanted to hate the person, still the good side of the person prevails. The good memories shared with the person outweigh the disappointments. You cannot just hate the person just because he's incapable of loving you back. This is where acceptance plays the key. Instead of embracing the pain, do accept the fact that the person is really not into you after all. Be cautious. Pray harder. Let go and move on. Engage yourself more to people who matters and where you matter the most. The next time around, be wise and know where you stand into someone else's life before actually giving in to the feeling. Most importantly, love yourself. You are one great person. You are beautiful. Your heart may be scarred but let not your hurt and pains prevent you from believing that love still exist. It may not be your time now but for sure you will get the love meant for you someday. The love you truly deserve will happen with the person you're destined to be with, with someone who is capable to love you though how imperfect you are. 

To those who fall in love selflessly without getting love in return, to those victims of unrequited and un-returned love, salig lang mga besh!;) Your time will come and love will be knocking on your door.;) 

Happy Valentines Day!