31 December 2016

It's been a very long while since I made a lot of posts at a time. Gone were the days when I felt too excited to just blog about anything. So much have changed. I don't even know what to write now and I actually find it hard to find something to write about. As of the moment, I took some time to look at my blog and, reread some posts and it really seemed like I used to have this passion for writing. I am just so surprised that most of my pics were gone. Perhaps the links where I used to store my pics are not working anymore. I deleted some posts that used to have a lot of pics coz I know would-be readers cannot appreciate them anymore because no pics are found. I would have deleted posts with pics some more but I realized there are too many posts affected and I can't seem to have the time to edit them anymore. For that reason, my apologies. Oh how I wish I could regain my passion to write of about anything, even if sometimes it won't make sense. Or perhaps share here bout what's currently happening to my world so when I get old I could still get to read them. 

I guess I better try and restart writing, hoping I could still do it.