15 October 2016


I reread the last post I've written and I was like, oh my how embarrassing that post was. Now am laughing at it. It might be that I was too caught up with some of my emotions at that time that's why. As days went on, I have had realizations in mind that helped me feel better even up to this time. Let's say am it to the fact that the person never really cared at all. And that so-called girl friend never even cared at all. I knew I've been through most embarrassing scenarios of my life concerning this person but hell yah, life is too beautiful to be spent on worrying, on getting upset, and getting sad over matters which could never be a reality. Really, I am just relieved with the fact that I have more reasons to be happy than reasons to be sad of. Yes, I am alone, independently living alone in this other part of the world but I do not aggravate myself more to really being alone by isolating myself from people, from activities, or from what keeps me keeping alive. I have my ME time like staying at home, and being all by myself but I do go out, drive, walk, and eat. And I am more than thankful I got friends around who always make me feel like am part of their families. 

Maybe, I was just too wrong to care too much over someone who cannot give back the care I used to have. Maybe, we're just destined to be friends but sadly, I should say it really did affect the friendship. Everything for me became different and I am more cautious this time. I should say it is just wise to really think the next time if a certain person is really worth the effort and care. Just another lesson learned I should say. 

Right now, I am A-okay. I am trying to live my life to the fullest, while enduring the beautiful challenges life has to offer.