05 July 2016

i am at it again 
on to this cycle of love and being heartbroken

at one point, i became happy because of this one great person i knew
no label in the relationship, yet we were happy
then i fell for him, secretly
i cared so much about him
i sometimes tell him indirectly how i feel and he just laugh at me, always
yet i knew he never liked me as more of a friend
coz had he liked me, he would have told me
awkward moments came next
then time became so mean
i miss his company
i miss him
i started to get hurt
coz i miss how we once were
now there came another girl in the picture
she took the place where i used to.
them always seeing each other
without me knowing it
and i feel like am being left out
suddenly jealousy hits me
i can't help it
i wanted to explode, breakdown, cry, and get mad at the person
yet i never had any right
coz there's never an "us"

this is my story.