28 February 2014

7 Months Old

I turned seven months old 3 days ago in this foreign country and I should say that I still am in the process of adjusting but there have already been improvements that I could be proud of. One most important thing I gained here is independence. I independently do things on my own. I cook my food, clean the house, do my laundry, throw the trash, do my groceries and decides for myself solely. It is not easy but I have to. Nobody can do these things for me. Thank GOD I have friends with me who keeps an eye for me and who somehow make me feel like am just home.

My only prayer is that may GOD continually bless me because I knew that HE sent me here. I got this very positive feeling that I am just destined to be here to realize what's meant to be realized.;)

Go With The Flow

I once told a friend about how I got confused over some personal matters and she just said I should just laugh at the confusion. The thought of laughing at the confusion was at first not considerable but after taking some time to think about the situation, I somehow did consider just "going with the flow".

For as long as I can take it, I better go with the flow and savor the moments. After all I am counting much on the moments and not on what should have been said. It might still be a puzzle with a few pieces missing but I know in the long run I might be able to find that missing piece that could best give me the answers.

09 February 2014

On Becoming UNhealthy

I would like to think that I am on the process of becoming unhealthy in this side of the world.
Gone were the days when I was sweating out because of abdominal crunches and my hip-hop abs routines. Gone were the days when I was too picky of which foods to eat.
Gone were the days when all I got were veggies and fruits in the fridge.

My lifestyle has changed since I came here.
I eventually gave in to it.
Perhaps I am just too busy to care about becoming unhealthy.

Junk foods, microwavable foods, meat products, cheeseburgers, chocolates --- all these have become part of my routine. The weather itself is not friendly. In this generally cold weather, I just curl myself to bed. I ain't get my body moving. I was never sweating myself out. I got dumbbells but they're just out for display.

How I wish I could regain back my desire of becoming physically fit to become healthy.


It wasn't a big deal from the start. I thought it's just something I could well adapt on to and something that I can get used to. But I was wrong.

Days rolled into months and it got me confused.
I somehow got used to its routines but it's not helping.
All the more I get confused.

It is just plainly vague.
It's being unclear makes me feel uneasy. 
Worst is, it makes me sad having to think more of it.

Until now I can't still find the answers.
It is just so VAGUE.