26 November 2014

My Heartbreaking Story

When I was told to go home because Mom wasn't doing any good, I was able to buy a ticket within four hours and the flight taking place in the next 24 hours. Immediately informed my superior that I won't be reporting for work anymore. The whole time I endured my almost 24-hour flight, I was preoccupied with thoughts of how I would react seeing mom in her most difficult situation. The moment I saw her, my heart got crumpled because she was indeed suffering. I wanted to cry but I didn't want her to see me cry. I held back my tears trying not to let them fall. I was very much happy when she extended her hand, acting like she's gonna hug me. Since she can't do it herself, I lowered my body so I could hugged and embraced her. I then kissed her too many times. I really wanted to cry but I was just trying to be strong. Seeing my mom in that state did break my heart. It's way too much for her to bear, yet she was trying to be brave still. The only thing I could do at that time was to kiss her because I was also in so much pain having to see her in pain.

Really a saddening story that causes me a heartache whenever I remember it.


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