15 June 2014

Thanks to YOU

I can't think of a person aside from my family who's got so much time to offer to teach me and boost my confidence and morale, to help me, to inspire me, to walk with me, and to simply just be there for me. You are just an amazing person who showed countless efforts to just make me feel alright, ensuring that I am okay despite the personal struggles I have in terms of adjustment and coping. You simply take my homesickness away by giving me distractions that temporarily not make me think about being far from home. 

I can't think of all the returned favors and the unsolicited help you gave me because they seem to be countless.  Remember how many times we chatted on Facebook even if we used to live miles apart from each other? It's just so surprising to note that we actually had more than 5,000 conversations while I was trying to retrieve it now. You told me your stories about your transition here while at the same time I was telling you most about pressures and stresses at work back there and the updates of my papers before coming in here. I can't forget how you would surprisingly message me wishing me good luck on my physical exam and my embassy interview and in return, I also told you details on how these events went on. When you finally knew about our flight dates in coming here, your messages made me felt like I should not be scared about transitioning here. You even added that my dream of coming here is almost closest to reality. I can remember I had concerns with my immigration fees but you helped me out without much questions and you devoted time to really figure out how. When you learned about where I'd be assigned at, you eagerly offered how you would help me look for a place to stay. Our long distance conversations went on until our flight bound in this country. I can't forget how we still exchanged conversations while we're at Narita, Seattle, and Charlotte Airports.

Now that I am here, you still and always did prove to me that I can always count on you. Seriously, you made a great influence in my life here.

For all that, many, many thank yous from the bottom of my heart!;)
Thank you for making my transition easier, for always giving me something to look forward to with my stay here in this different world far from the world that I used to.

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