09 February 2014

On Becoming UNhealthy

I would like to think that I am on the process of becoming unhealthy in this side of the world.
Gone were the days when I was sweating out because of abdominal crunches and my hip-hop abs routines. Gone were the days when I was too picky of which foods to eat.
Gone were the days when all I got were veggies and fruits in the fridge.

My lifestyle has changed since I came here.
I eventually gave in to it.
Perhaps I am just too busy to care about becoming unhealthy.

Junk foods, microwavable foods, meat products, cheeseburgers, chocolates --- all these have become part of my routine. The weather itself is not friendly. In this generally cold weather, I just curl myself to bed. I ain't get my body moving. I was never sweating myself out. I got dumbbells but they're just out for display.

How I wish I could regain back my desire of becoming physically fit to become healthy.

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