27 September 2013

Two Months and Counting

Exactly two months ago yesterday, I came here to the "land of the brave" and to what they also coined as the "land of milk and honey". I came to live an independent life away from what I used to - family isn't here, friends, the usual people I got to deal with almost everyday. Much independence has been attained since I started living alone in an apartment unit here in NC. The idea of starting out is very stressful but thankfully, I did manage that. I somehow should get used to this independent living routine because I know this is what it takes to be here. I have concerns though in terms of food. I can't find foods like the ones I got used to way back home. Thus, the reason why I keep on craving and missing the foods that satisfy my palate. Another thing that I find so hard to adjust is the weather. Being a cold intolerant person, I can't withstand cooler temperature especially in the early morning and in the evening. I always hide behind my comforters whenever I feel so cold. Work wise, I still am a trying hard newbie. I am trying to get a grasp of many things. I knew it takes time to get hold of everything but the power of optimism prevails in me. I know in time, I can manage my tasks my way. 

Overall, I am trying to fit in to this environment I am into. 
And I am holding on to my faith that GOD is up there to help me get through all these adjustments.

13 September 2013

Living Halfway Across The World

As of this writing, it's been more than a month since I left my beloved country in my quest to pursue my dreams of having a career outside of the country. It may be a realization of my dreams but it's at the same time a big sacrifice to take since loved ones are left behind and am living my own life here, alone. 

What it takes to live in a different world? 
The good thing is independence. I am a trying hard to do things on my own. I cook, I drive, I run the house myself, I throw trash, I pay my bills, I pay my rent, I do the groceries, and everything else is being managed all by myself. In the effort to suffice for my needs, I also am working too hard for that. I may be someone new in my work assignment but I am trying so hard to understand, to take a grasp of how things are done their way. 

It definitely is a big adjustment to take, too! I need to adjust with the people, the weather, and of course with what I eat. 

As of this time, I am still taking a lot of adjustments. I admit I am not well- adjusted to everything that's going on in here but I am open-minded and is trying hard to cope up with the demands of my present environment.