20 August 2013

GOD Leads Me to My Destiny

More than a decade ago, fresh from college at 21, I had a career which often people would think as a stable one because I was connected to a very stable and reputable company. I would certainly believe that one big truth since up to this time, the company where I once belonged is now soaring great heights and my then colleagues are well-compensated and they're having great benefits with the company. But I believe I wasn't destined to be there. I felt a certain heaviness in my heart and I prayed hard to GOD to lead me to the right path. The next few days, I felt so happy and a colleague even told me that there's a certain glow in my face that's so strange. I just smiled at her. Then an opportunity came up --- my mom asked me if I was interested to pursue a care-giving course, and I never hesitated. Immediately complied my requirements, resigned from what they call as a great job, and started schooling. I experienced different challenges at that time having to study and went on duties on different shifts as part of our clinical requirement. But I conquered everything and I didn't dare give up because I knew this is what GOD wanted me to accomplish.

After finishing the course, everything went on smoothly. I prayed so hard to HIM to guide me all the way because I firmly believe that He really wanted me to touch and save lives. I passed the exams because I did work hard for it and most importantly, my sincere prayers went along with it. Now came the dream of wanting to get employed abroad and I poured prayers on it again. I knew from the start that it was all worth the wait that's why I didn't worry at all, no matter how long it takes. After 7 long years of waiting, that once beautiful dream has turned into a very sweet reality!=) And all these have happened because of patience, the power of prayers, and because this is where GOD really wanted me to.

Right now, I am living far away from home and yet, I never cease from asking GOD to guide me wherever He's leading me. I am sad though because I've been missing my family the most, and my friends but being around here is a challenge to take. 

As always, I am entrusting myself to GOD and I knew HE will always be guiding me of which path to take.