18 February 2013

Valentines Day 2013

I always treat Valentines Day like an ordinary day and this year, I am treating it like how I treated my previous Valentines Day last year. For the record, I am single. I don't have anyone interesting to date. Besides, I wouldn't do the asking neither. Lol. To make this more understandable, I do not have a date and this time, nobody asked me out for a Valentine Date. Simple.

Nevertheless, I always consider Valentines Day as the time to express/re-express into words the love I have for my two loves- my parents. It is always during this day when I get to compose a note, post it on my Facebook, and simply text them of how much I've loved them. 

RIP Lola Sebia

I made this entry on my Facebook account and now I am sharing it here. I just want the world to know that we grieve, that my Lola's passing meant to us, and that I so love my Lola so much.

Here's my Facebook Note for my Lola:
I always associate my preschool years with you. You were there to keep an eye on me and my siblings during those years. How can I ever forget my Ilijan Sur, Tubigon, Bohol vacays with the family? You were there to ensure that we're comfortable and you used to tell us your stories. I would always be amazed on how well you've managed to take care of yourself independently when you're still alive despite your age no matter how many times you've been convinced by Mom to stay with us here in Mindanao. I would always be indebted for the concern you gave to the family and to your grandchildren. Lola, thank you so much for everything. We may never spent too much time together because of the distance that separate us, but I would like to tell you how much you've been loved by us, your Magno Family especially by Mama and Papa.
 In behalf of all your GALLO "apos",
Lola Eusebia Alasagas Gallo, we will miss you!
We love you Lola. Please continue to watch over us from heaven.
May You rest in peace.

Rocky Start of February 2013

Life is indeed a rollercoaster ride for me and my family this February 2013. We haven't gotten over Typhoon Bopha yet but we never blamed anyone of why such things happened. Instead, we tightened our grip on our FAITH coz we believe that God has plans for us in time. This February 2013, we're supposed to celebrate my sister's birthday. Unfortunately, Mom got sick and we're stuck in the hospital for 3 days. Indeed the Lord is Great because it's a short hospital stay only and we're ever thankful to our physician who didn't charge us with his professional fees. Mom is trying to recover at home. A few days after her hospital discharge, we got a news informing us of our Lola's passing, my mom's mother. We grieve. We prayed. And we accepted that fact. Maybe, Lola deserves to stay now in Heaven at her age (she's more than 80 when she died). In as much as I wanted to be there for her wake and burial, still I can't because of my skeds. I only whispered a prayer to GOD to take care of my Lola.

On a personal note, the start of February did not prove to be lucky to me. I got scratches! I got scratched by a cat on my hand, and yes, I needed to submit myself to the physician. Indeed, I was subjected to be receiving 3 shots of Verorab injections. Even if I suffered from deltoid injections, I am glad that I'm now done with them. And there's another scratch on my back from a torn zipper! I suffered the pain and at least right now the scratch have crusted and I can feel the pain no more.

I know all these have happened for a reason. I still am thankful though that despite all these, I got the strength to face them. I knew all these will pass. I knew everything will be okay someday, soon.