31 January 2013

Rainy Davao

The past few days, Davao City has been experiencing mild to moderate rains. With the nonstop occurrence of rain, a lot of people would get to panic especially those living near the Davao River at which this overflows should there would be heavy rains. Blame it on the so called "tail end of a cold front" or simply called as the "amihan" season where rains would be frequent. 

This was the day when the Davao River did overflow affecting Jade Valley Subdivision and other areas I failed to track with due to my working schedule.

23 January 2013


I got this feeling that I was never really a part of your life, not even as a friend. But due to sound reasons that I don't want hatred to dwell in our lives, I insisted to pacify it even if we can't be as close as before. However, you resisted. Now I've realized it is enough. Enough of being too nice, of being too considerate, of trying to think that things might change. Enough. Enough. Enough.

17 January 2013

At Peace At Least

I am generally at peace these days. Gone were the days when I used to wake up feeling so bad coz again I'd be exposed again in a place I certainly have a lot of adjustments with. I hate issues, I hate ill feelings of people to some people. I just wanna work and live life the way it's going to be lived. Well at least for now I've been freed from negative forces making life at work easier and better.

10 January 2013

On Moving On

With what has happened lately, my family is trying to get up and is on the verge of moving on.We still talked about Pablo devastating our beloved home town but at least we're trying to be okay now. We're trying to make things at least lighter each day. I already saw my parents smiling, and we enjoyed our time together here in the city. Like I said, we spent a very simple Christmas and New Year Holidays but what's important now is that we're intact, safe, and complete. May God give my family and the people of Baganga a New Hope and that someday our hometown will be restored to how it once were.