09 December 2013

To continue with my American journey, I am now situated still in the state of North Carolina and is presently living in a big city in Fayetteville. I am settled in a very quiet community and it still feels like home to be here. Someone helped me out to get an apartment and I am glad coz I have friends who live here too! My first few days of living here was tough. It's like starting from scratch! Imagine the first time you step into the apartment, it was all bare. There's a fridge and an oven though but it still looked empty to me. Thank GOD I got an angel who went with me shopping for some stuff needed in here. For big furniture, I joined in with the majority to just order online and have them delivered home. 

It's now been more than 3 months since I moved on here and I've had major, major adjustments!  I need to adjust with the type of weather here, the food, the people, my job, and even with the language because sometimes I don't understand them or the other way around, they can't understand me. Everything is really an adjustment which I need to take. 

About Fayetteville, there's still more for me to discover. I have had few pics though but am gonna be sharing them in different posts.

I just wish I could update this blog more often just like before.

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