09 December 2013

"Bahay Bahayan"

As mentioned in my previous post, I moved in to an apartment the moment I came here in Fayetteville. I am situated in an apartment near Ramsey Street.

 This is the parking space where residents' cars are park. This is just among the many parking spaces here.

This is a pic of my one-bedroom apartment. Looks like everything isn't in place, aight?;)

This looks so bare and everything starts from scratch!

I love my bathroom! Imagine the pink shower curtains I have it on now.

This is really a huge closet! I could really fit in and sleep inside when I want to.There are no dividers though unlike in the Philippines.

My bedroom the first time I came here. Now imagine a queen size memory foam inside it.

The fridge and the oven ;)

Where dishes are being washed up.

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