09 December 2013

"Bahay Bahayan"

As mentioned in my previous post, I moved in to an apartment the moment I came here in Fayetteville. I am situated in an apartment near Ramsey Street.

 This is the parking space where residents' cars are park. This is just among the many parking spaces here.

This is a pic of my one-bedroom apartment. Looks like everything isn't in place, aight?;)

This looks so bare and everything starts from scratch!

I love my bathroom! Imagine the pink shower curtains I have it on now.

This is really a huge closet! I could really fit in and sleep inside when I want to.There are no dividers though unlike in the Philippines.

My bedroom the first time I came here. Now imagine a queen size memory foam inside it.

The fridge and the oven ;)

Where dishes are being washed up.
To continue with my American journey, I am now situated still in the state of North Carolina and is presently living in a big city in Fayetteville. I am settled in a very quiet community and it still feels like home to be here. Someone helped me out to get an apartment and I am glad coz I have friends who live here too! My first few days of living here was tough. It's like starting from scratch! Imagine the first time you step into the apartment, it was all bare. There's a fridge and an oven though but it still looked empty to me. Thank GOD I got an angel who went with me shopping for some stuff needed in here. For big furniture, I joined in with the majority to just order online and have them delivered home. 

It's now been more than 3 months since I moved on here and I've had major, major adjustments!  I need to adjust with the type of weather here, the food, the people, my job, and even with the language because sometimes I don't understand them or the other way around, they can't understand me. Everything is really an adjustment which I need to take. 

About Fayetteville, there's still more for me to discover. I have had few pics though but am gonna be sharing them in different posts.

I just wish I could update this blog more often just like before.


It was a lovely day when I first met you a few years back. We're heading somewhere up north and that's the first time I ever got sight of you. No sparks really but you got this wonderful physique that every girl wants to have in their men. You are actually handsome but I tend not to admire you because you're just too handsome for me. Kidding aside, I found myself comfortable with you when we started talking. We talked and joked around each other. However I just didn't like you at first. Within the many days that we spent together in that learning experience, I found out that chivalry isn't dead when you're around. I said to God, Oh how I wish I could have someone like him to walk life with. I just said that to God but intentionally didn't ask for you because I knew for one that I was unattractive to your level. At that time, we visited a sacred place which I can never forget. The place became so memorable for me because I was up there for the first time. Being a believer of God and a devout Catholic, I took the chance to feel the moment while I was at the top. I prayed so hard for the realization of my dreams. I even asked GOD for a flourishing love life. I didn't realize I became too specific. Because you were near me at that time, I ask God should HE give me a man destined to be with me as a lover and a husband, He could give me someone like the one who's standing beside me, and it happened to be you.  I would like to really think that God must be laughing at me for that matter. 

Days rolled into years and there was even a year that I didn't see you. I could contact you though if I wanted too but I got preoccupied with job and with men who can't reciprocate their feelings for me. I admired a few men who just left me nothing but heartaches, men who can't love me for me and I was the one who always do the chasing. I lost interest in love to the extent that I didn't care enough to admire men. I became a man-hater and an advocate of those girls who got their hearts broken because of their men. 

Now, I got the chance to see you again and I got the chance to talk and spent time with you because of an event we both attended. You're still very nice. I was surprised when I learned that you're still single and unattached. That's how my admiration in you started. You barely noticed that, right? You just don't know how much I admired you that I had to keep it to myself because I was too shy that you might discovered it. I mean, you're still too attractive for me and that's the reality.

There was a time that we had to meet more often and we had to keep in touch. I became too happy while secretly admiring you. Later I realized that we communicated much more often, and that drew me to be nearer you. I just love the thought that you did care enough to talk to me more often as expected. 

Now, I am looking back at the prayer I once made. Is it becoming a reality? I can feel that it's getting closer to reality. I may not hear you say anything about it but I can sense that you're comfortable having me. You always have time for me. I just feel so light when I'm with you. I don't wanna assume nor would I expect but sometimes your silence is enough to let me know how you feel about me.

I rest my case to GOD.