13 September 2013

Living Halfway Across The World

As of this writing, it's been more than a month since I left my beloved country in my quest to pursue my dreams of having a career outside of the country. It may be a realization of my dreams but it's at the same time a big sacrifice to take since loved ones are left behind and am living my own life here, alone. 

What it takes to live in a different world? 
The good thing is independence. I am a trying hard to do things on my own. I cook, I drive, I run the house myself, I throw trash, I pay my bills, I pay my rent, I do the groceries, and everything else is being managed all by myself. In the effort to suffice for my needs, I also am working too hard for that. I may be someone new in my work assignment but I am trying so hard to understand, to take a grasp of how things are done their way. 

It definitely is a big adjustment to take, too! I need to adjust with the people, the weather, and of course with what I eat. 

As of this time, I am still taking a lot of adjustments. I admit I am not well- adjusted to everything that's going on in here but I am open-minded and is trying hard to cope up with the demands of my present environment. 

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