27 May 2013

My Condo Stay in Manila

I was in Manila twice for a few days the last two months. Prior to my travels, I had a hard time looking for a cheap place to stay and I never knew of a closest relative who lives there. I tried looking for hotels online and they're just expensive for a 4-day stay. I was chatting at that time with a mommy friend who's now based in Australia til I realized she once posted pics of her condo unit. Without some hesitations, I asked her about it. Really just my luck coz after some sort of bargaining she agreed to let me stay in her condo unit at the 23rd floor of One Archer's Place located in Taft Avenue beside Dela Salle University. I told her I have to pay as a transient and she agreed. It was a perfect timing coz the unit was available on my two travel dates. 
Immediately, I surfed on One Archer's Place on the website she told me to visit. I figured out that the place has a lot of amenities for its occupants and I visualized the place like a mall because of its retail stores, food chains, and shops located on the first few floors of the place.
On my first Manila trip on the last week of March, it wasn't hard to locate where One Archer's Place is. Since I was commuting at that time as an adventurer, I took off from the LRT Vito Cruz Station and led my way to One Archer's Place as shown on the map. It's not hard to locate the place. I crossed the street along the DLSU Taft side and walked my way there til I saw Hollys Coffee, one of the landmark's of the condo tower. Immediately went inside and I was led to the West Tower. After proper identification and presenting an authorization document from the unit owner, I was led to Unit 2314 at the 23rd floor in less than a minute from the ground floor using the elevator.
When I got in, immediately turned on the lights located near the entrance. It's actually a studio type condo unit with all in there. One can get sight of everything upon entering the door, except the bathroom which is located on the right side from the entrance. As I entered the door, to the right is where the sink is located. There's a refrigerator, and one can immediately find the rice cooker, the microwave oven, the oven toaster, the electric kettle, and the utensils there. When I got past to the kitchen, I went straight and turned on the lights located near the dining table. The dining table by the way can sit 2-3 persons. Heading on my right is a cabinet for clothes to keep, and next to the cabinet is where the bed is located. The steel bed is basically meant for students since they can sleep on top and all they have to do is put the mattress there and the bottom top can be used as a study area. Since I do not want to sleep on top, I decided to place the mattress at the bottom. The last thing I checked on is the bathroom and I fell in love with it. I guess it's the hot and cold shower which I fell in love the most.
After taking some time to explore the unit, I turned on the aircon, turned on the faucet if it's working, and got my body to rest on the mattress. While resting, I got sight of the LCD television near the dining table. There was no cable connection though but I think installing it could be easier since I found outlets where a cable wire can be plugged in. I am not a tv person though that's why it didn't bother me much. I also tried looking on the outside on a glass window and I can see the condo units from the opposite side and also the LRT railway where you can watch LRT trains passing by.
And the good thing about the unit? You can call the maintenance or the security guards at anytime because a phone is installed in the unit to call in your concerns.
Here are the pics of the condo which I personally took when I first traveled last March:
this is what you can see as you enter the room

the kitchen area

the dining table, TV

the bottom of the bed where I placed the mattress for sleeping

the bathroom

No place to stay in Manila? Be my friend's guest in her semi-furnished studio condo unit in Taft Avenue, beside Dela Salle University at affordable rates.;) I just had a good time with my stay there. =)

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