02 May 2013

Early 2013

The year 2013 didn't start out just right for my family. Having been a victim of a harsh super typhoon before the year ended in 2012 is something we could never forget. It surely did change our lives. I can't forget the first time I saw my parents when they came here in the city after the typhoon. Their skins got darkened because trees are no longer there to protect them from sunlight and they've really evacuated with all the things they can bring here such as our piano, the television, their luggage, etc. Our multi-cab was actually jam-packed with household things from our hometown. Upon seeing them, my heart's been crumpled. But what else could I do? What's more important to me then was having to see them alive and being spared from the wrath of that super typhoon.

Things have become simpler for us. We celebrated Holidays 2013 simply. No gifts found in our Christmas tree, only a few recipes on our table during Christmas and New Year's Eve. We never complained though. What was essential at that moment was the fact that we celebrated it as a family together. 

Trials rocked the family again when Mom got hospitalized first week of February and another trial, when my grandmother, my mom's mother passed away a week before my mom got discharged from the hospital. It was very stressful at that time for us, having to see mom underwent to another form of stress when she should be focused on recuperating. I am just glad that the family, most especially my dad, has been so supportive with what the family had undertaken. 

Right now, we're still trying to manage things in control and we're just so overly concerned with Mom's health which we fervently hope would really be okay. I am still thankful to GOD coz blessings are still with us despite everything. We still find time to bond together as a family, the one thing we try not to miss about especially when everyone's here in Davao.

I could really tell that FAITH in GOD and FAITH in what you can do works hand in hand. When everything's seems to be harsh and to the extent that I could feel that the load is at its heaviest, I just close my eyes and silently prayed to GOD. I also try to be optimistic so as to condition my mind that everything's gonna be okay.

As I close this post, I still am certain that everything's gonna be okay for us, that GOD is always with us and is watching over us.

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