18 February 2013

RIP Lola Sebia

I made this entry on my Facebook account and now I am sharing it here. I just want the world to know that we grieve, that my Lola's passing meant to us, and that I so love my Lola so much.

Here's my Facebook Note for my Lola:
I always associate my preschool years with you. You were there to keep an eye on me and my siblings during those years. How can I ever forget my Ilijan Sur, Tubigon, Bohol vacays with the family? You were there to ensure that we're comfortable and you used to tell us your stories. I would always be amazed on how well you've managed to take care of yourself independently when you're still alive despite your age no matter how many times you've been convinced by Mom to stay with us here in Mindanao. I would always be indebted for the concern you gave to the family and to your grandchildren. Lola, thank you so much for everything. We may never spent too much time together because of the distance that separate us, but I would like to tell you how much you've been loved by us, your Magno Family especially by Mama and Papa.
 In behalf of all your GALLO "apos",
Lola Eusebia Alasagas Gallo, we will miss you!
We love you Lola. Please continue to watch over us from heaven.
May You rest in peace.

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