09 December 2013

"Bahay Bahayan"

As mentioned in my previous post, I moved in to an apartment the moment I came here in Fayetteville. I am situated in an apartment near Ramsey Street.

 This is the parking space where residents' cars are park. This is just among the many parking spaces here.

This is a pic of my one-bedroom apartment. Looks like everything isn't in place, aight?;)

This looks so bare and everything starts from scratch!

I love my bathroom! Imagine the pink shower curtains I have it on now.

This is really a huge closet! I could really fit in and sleep inside when I want to.There are no dividers though unlike in the Philippines.

My bedroom the first time I came here. Now imagine a queen size memory foam inside it.

The fridge and the oven ;)

Where dishes are being washed up.
To continue with my American journey, I am now situated still in the state of North Carolina and is presently living in a big city in Fayetteville. I am settled in a very quiet community and it still feels like home to be here. Someone helped me out to get an apartment and I am glad coz I have friends who live here too! My first few days of living here was tough. It's like starting from scratch! Imagine the first time you step into the apartment, it was all bare. There's a fridge and an oven though but it still looked empty to me. Thank GOD I got an angel who went with me shopping for some stuff needed in here. For big furniture, I joined in with the majority to just order online and have them delivered home. 

It's now been more than 3 months since I moved on here and I've had major, major adjustments!  I need to adjust with the type of weather here, the food, the people, my job, and even with the language because sometimes I don't understand them or the other way around, they can't understand me. Everything is really an adjustment which I need to take. 

About Fayetteville, there's still more for me to discover. I have had few pics though but am gonna be sharing them in different posts.

I just wish I could update this blog more often just like before.


It was a lovely day when I first met you a few years back. We're heading somewhere up north and that's the first time I ever got sight of you. No sparks really but you got this wonderful physique that every girl wants to have in their men. You are actually handsome but I tend not to admire you because you're just too handsome for me. Kidding aside, I found myself comfortable with you when we started talking. We talked and joked around each other. However I just didn't like you at first. Within the many days that we spent together in that learning experience, I found out that chivalry isn't dead when you're around. I said to God, Oh how I wish I could have someone like him to walk life with. I just said that to God but intentionally didn't ask for you because I knew for one that I was unattractive to your level. At that time, we visited a sacred place which I can never forget. The place became so memorable for me because I was up there for the first time. Being a believer of God and a devout Catholic, I took the chance to feel the moment while I was at the top. I prayed so hard for the realization of my dreams. I even asked GOD for a flourishing love life. I didn't realize I became too specific. Because you were near me at that time, I ask God should HE give me a man destined to be with me as a lover and a husband, He could give me someone like the one who's standing beside me, and it happened to be you.  I would like to really think that God must be laughing at me for that matter. 

Days rolled into years and there was even a year that I didn't see you. I could contact you though if I wanted too but I got preoccupied with job and with men who can't reciprocate their feelings for me. I admired a few men who just left me nothing but heartaches, men who can't love me for me and I was the one who always do the chasing. I lost interest in love to the extent that I didn't care enough to admire men. I became a man-hater and an advocate of those girls who got their hearts broken because of their men. 

Now, I got the chance to see you again and I got the chance to talk and spent time with you because of an event we both attended. You're still very nice. I was surprised when I learned that you're still single and unattached. That's how my admiration in you started. You barely noticed that, right? You just don't know how much I admired you that I had to keep it to myself because I was too shy that you might discovered it. I mean, you're still too attractive for me and that's the reality.

There was a time that we had to meet more often and we had to keep in touch. I became too happy while secretly admiring you. Later I realized that we communicated much more often, and that drew me to be nearer you. I just love the thought that you did care enough to talk to me more often as expected. 

Now, I am looking back at the prayer I once made. Is it becoming a reality? I can feel that it's getting closer to reality. I may not hear you say anything about it but I can sense that you're comfortable having me. You always have time for me. I just feel so light when I'm with you. I don't wanna assume nor would I expect but sometimes your silence is enough to let me know how you feel about me.

I rest my case to GOD.

03 November 2013

Sunday Stealing: Time Keeps On Slippin'

1) Do you think Daylight Saving Time is still necessary?
**I never had an idea. Lol
2) How long does it take you to adjust to the time change? 
**I would like to think I can pretty adjust to time change right away...
3) What's the hardest part of the time change? 
**showing up too early for an appointment
4) How many clocks are in your house? 
**None in my apartment
5) Are you generally early, late, or on time? 
**Just on time.
6) If an invitation to an event listed the time as 8-11pm, what time would you arrive? 
**On time I guess Lol
7) Do you wear a watch? 
8) Have you ever glanced at the time and had to glance again because you didn't pay attention the first time? 
9) Are most of your clocks digital or dial? 
**Most are digital
10) What does your alarm clock sound like? 
**It's like the sound of the bells ringing
11) Do you use the snooze feature on your alarm clock? 
**I use it often times.
12) Does clock ticking drive you nuts?

25 October 2013

Homesickness Setting In!

There will always be days when I feel like I needed someone I could comfortably talk things out, that I needed the company of a friend who could best understand how I feel, and that I could just be myself when with them. Unfortunately, today's just one of those days wishing Davao is just an hour drive away. I missed laughing out so hard. I missed movie dates, coffee moments, night-outs, and most especially videoke sessions. Oh well, reality just hit me this hard but I know I'd be okay.

14 October 2013

Random Thoughts!

Living a life far from what I call home is no joke. Somehow, I've learned the tricks of how it is to live here so as not to miss home so badly. I am just too lucky to have people on my side whenever they're much needed. I can feel the warmth of their genuine friendship and its sincerity. Work may sometimes makes me stressed but I look at the good side of it. I may be anxious in any way but I know the good LORD will always be around and is always willing to be my refuge. Whenever I feel weak, I just look up on these people with me here and draw strength from theirs. This is my way of coping. And somehow it does help me get through whenever the dawn of homesickness sets in.

13 October 2013

My Random Randomness, part 2

My Random Randomness Meme, part 2 

  1. What was your first alcoholic drink? **Tanduay way back in HS...Lol
  2. What was your first job? **I was working as a telemarketer
  3. What was your first car?  **Ford Escape
  4. What was your first mobile phone? **Motorola
  5. What is your first proper memory? **my being shy in my early school years
  6. Who was your first teacher? **Maam Tubac
  7. Which fictional character do you wish was real? **Superman
  8. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? **Cebu City
  9. Who was your first best friend? **Lea
  10. What was your first detention for? **for being noisy in school, Lol
  11. What's your strongest sense? **Touch
  12. Who was your first kiss? ** toot**
  13. What was the first film you remember seeing at the cinema? **Tagalog Film
  14. What's the largest amount of money you've ever won? **1000 pesos
  15. What's the largest amount of money you've spent in one spree? **556 USD
  16. If you had a warning label, what would yours say? **don't abuse my being nice" Lol
  17. Have you ever got sweet revenge on anyone? **Yes
  18.  Have you ever been to a live concert? **Yes and am wishing for more
  19. Have you ever been to see stand up comedy? **I had seen once
  20. Have you ever needed stitches? **No.

27 September 2013

Two Months and Counting

Exactly two months ago yesterday, I came here to the "land of the brave" and to what they also coined as the "land of milk and honey". I came to live an independent life away from what I used to - family isn't here, friends, the usual people I got to deal with almost everyday. Much independence has been attained since I started living alone in an apartment unit here in NC. The idea of starting out is very stressful but thankfully, I did manage that. I somehow should get used to this independent living routine because I know this is what it takes to be here. I have concerns though in terms of food. I can't find foods like the ones I got used to way back home. Thus, the reason why I keep on craving and missing the foods that satisfy my palate. Another thing that I find so hard to adjust is the weather. Being a cold intolerant person, I can't withstand cooler temperature especially in the early morning and in the evening. I always hide behind my comforters whenever I feel so cold. Work wise, I still am a trying hard newbie. I am trying to get a grasp of many things. I knew it takes time to get hold of everything but the power of optimism prevails in me. I know in time, I can manage my tasks my way. 

Overall, I am trying to fit in to this environment I am into. 
And I am holding on to my faith that GOD is up there to help me get through all these adjustments.

13 September 2013

Living Halfway Across The World

As of this writing, it's been more than a month since I left my beloved country in my quest to pursue my dreams of having a career outside of the country. It may be a realization of my dreams but it's at the same time a big sacrifice to take since loved ones are left behind and am living my own life here, alone. 

What it takes to live in a different world? 
The good thing is independence. I am a trying hard to do things on my own. I cook, I drive, I run the house myself, I throw trash, I pay my bills, I pay my rent, I do the groceries, and everything else is being managed all by myself. In the effort to suffice for my needs, I also am working too hard for that. I may be someone new in my work assignment but I am trying so hard to understand, to take a grasp of how things are done their way. 

It definitely is a big adjustment to take, too! I need to adjust with the people, the weather, and of course with what I eat. 

As of this time, I am still taking a lot of adjustments. I admit I am not well- adjusted to everything that's going on in here but I am open-minded and is trying hard to cope up with the demands of my present environment. 

20 August 2013

GOD Leads Me to My Destiny

More than a decade ago, fresh from college at 21, I had a career which often people would think as a stable one because I was connected to a very stable and reputable company. I would certainly believe that one big truth since up to this time, the company where I once belonged is now soaring great heights and my then colleagues are well-compensated and they're having great benefits with the company. But I believe I wasn't destined to be there. I felt a certain heaviness in my heart and I prayed hard to GOD to lead me to the right path. The next few days, I felt so happy and a colleague even told me that there's a certain glow in my face that's so strange. I just smiled at her. Then an opportunity came up --- my mom asked me if I was interested to pursue a care-giving course, and I never hesitated. Immediately complied my requirements, resigned from what they call as a great job, and started schooling. I experienced different challenges at that time having to study and went on duties on different shifts as part of our clinical requirement. But I conquered everything and I didn't dare give up because I knew this is what GOD wanted me to accomplish.

After finishing the course, everything went on smoothly. I prayed so hard to HIM to guide me all the way because I firmly believe that He really wanted me to touch and save lives. I passed the exams because I did work hard for it and most importantly, my sincere prayers went along with it. Now came the dream of wanting to get employed abroad and I poured prayers on it again. I knew from the start that it was all worth the wait that's why I didn't worry at all, no matter how long it takes. After 7 long years of waiting, that once beautiful dream has turned into a very sweet reality!=) And all these have happened because of patience, the power of prayers, and because this is where GOD really wanted me to.

Right now, I am living far away from home and yet, I never cease from asking GOD to guide me wherever He's leading me. I am sad though because I've been missing my family the most, and my friends but being around here is a challenge to take. 

As always, I am entrusting myself to GOD and I knew HE will always be guiding me of which path to take.

27 May 2013

My Condo Stay in Manila

I was in Manila twice for a few days the last two months. Prior to my travels, I had a hard time looking for a cheap place to stay and I never knew of a closest relative who lives there. I tried looking for hotels online and they're just expensive for a 4-day stay. I was chatting at that time with a mommy friend who's now based in Australia til I realized she once posted pics of her condo unit. Without some hesitations, I asked her about it. Really just my luck coz after some sort of bargaining she agreed to let me stay in her condo unit at the 23rd floor of One Archer's Place located in Taft Avenue beside Dela Salle University. I told her I have to pay as a transient and she agreed. It was a perfect timing coz the unit was available on my two travel dates. 
Immediately, I surfed on One Archer's Place on the website she told me to visit. I figured out that the place has a lot of amenities for its occupants and I visualized the place like a mall because of its retail stores, food chains, and shops located on the first few floors of the place.
On my first Manila trip on the last week of March, it wasn't hard to locate where One Archer's Place is. Since I was commuting at that time as an adventurer, I took off from the LRT Vito Cruz Station and led my way to One Archer's Place as shown on the map. It's not hard to locate the place. I crossed the street along the DLSU Taft side and walked my way there til I saw Hollys Coffee, one of the landmark's of the condo tower. Immediately went inside and I was led to the West Tower. After proper identification and presenting an authorization document from the unit owner, I was led to Unit 2314 at the 23rd floor in less than a minute from the ground floor using the elevator.
When I got in, immediately turned on the lights located near the entrance. It's actually a studio type condo unit with all in there. One can get sight of everything upon entering the door, except the bathroom which is located on the right side from the entrance. As I entered the door, to the right is where the sink is located. There's a refrigerator, and one can immediately find the rice cooker, the microwave oven, the oven toaster, the electric kettle, and the utensils there. When I got past to the kitchen, I went straight and turned on the lights located near the dining table. The dining table by the way can sit 2-3 persons. Heading on my right is a cabinet for clothes to keep, and next to the cabinet is where the bed is located. The steel bed is basically meant for students since they can sleep on top and all they have to do is put the mattress there and the bottom top can be used as a study area. Since I do not want to sleep on top, I decided to place the mattress at the bottom. The last thing I checked on is the bathroom and I fell in love with it. I guess it's the hot and cold shower which I fell in love the most.
After taking some time to explore the unit, I turned on the aircon, turned on the faucet if it's working, and got my body to rest on the mattress. While resting, I got sight of the LCD television near the dining table. There was no cable connection though but I think installing it could be easier since I found outlets where a cable wire can be plugged in. I am not a tv person though that's why it didn't bother me much. I also tried looking on the outside on a glass window and I can see the condo units from the opposite side and also the LRT railway where you can watch LRT trains passing by.
And the good thing about the unit? You can call the maintenance or the security guards at anytime because a phone is installed in the unit to call in your concerns.
Here are the pics of the condo which I personally took when I first traveled last March:
this is what you can see as you enter the room

the kitchen area

the dining table, TV

the bottom of the bed where I placed the mattress for sleeping

the bathroom

No place to stay in Manila? Be my friend's guest in her semi-furnished studio condo unit in Taft Avenue, beside Dela Salle University at affordable rates.;) I just had a good time with my stay there. =)

Manila 2013 Travel, My Birthday Gift, Family = Great 2013 Blessings

I was in Manila twice for the past two months this year. I was there for a purpose. The trip was solely a time for myself. I was alone. I was there to accomplish something worth while.

My first trip to Manila falls on a Holy Week. It was a 4-day stay in the busiest metropolitan area of the Philippines. I stayed on a friend's condo (I have a separate post for it) as my official Manila residence at that time. I arrived March 24 on a Sunday at the NAIA Terminal 3 from Davao. Since I want an adventure, I didn't get a cab to take me to Taft, where the condo is located. I was also confident because I only had a backpack and my sling bag so it's not gonna be a hassle on my part to be commuting. From NAIA 3,  I rode on a bus located at the Bus Stop situated at the Arrivals Area of NAIA 3 for only P20 pesos as my fare. Since it was my first time to do this, I asked the help of the bus conductor and I was told where to get a ride that would take me to MRT-LRT Taft. All I can remember was, I got off the bus near a Petron Gas Station still at the Airport Road in Pasay, and I saw a lane of tricycles with drivers shouting MRT-LRT areas. With no further ado, I negotiated the fare fee with a tricycle driver and told him to take me to MRT Taft. We passed along narrow and crowded streets which I can't identify no more and after I think 5-8 minutes, I was already on MRT Taft. Immediately went to the train station counter, paid for my fare ride from LRT Taft to LRT Vito Cruz. Twas actually my first time to get into the place at One Archer's in Taft and I only saw the location on the map. I never let anyone notice that I was a first timer. I got off the train at Vito Cruz, walked past DLSU until I finally saw the condo tower I'd be staying. I experienced minor troubles while getting into the condo unit at 23rd floor and twas past 6pm when I finally got in. My stomach did complain past 7pm since it was almost dinner time. I went down the tower and walked along Taft and saw a McDonald's outlet area. I had my dinner there. Went home after dinner and decided to sleep early for an early appointment the following day.

I woke up at 3.30AM the following day, March 25. Prepared myself and immediately headed to Bocobo Street along Manila for an early appointment. Twas really a long day for me. Felt so tired for the whole day's appointment of lining up and getting served and I was told to come back the next day. Before heading home, I went to MOA first with my friend and her family, and had dinner there.

The next day, March 26, I woke up not that early anymore at 6.30AM. I first called up my mom and greeted her coz it's her birthday. Had a quick breakfast then prepared myself again for an appointment. This time around, I didn't hailed a taxi no more. I rode on a jeepney along Taft and stopped at around UN Avenue. I walked along UN Avenue, passed by NBI Manila, til I reached Bocobo Street again. Went to the clinic and finalized everything. It took me two hours before I finally got off. Twas almost 11am when I left Bocobo Street. Headed to Ortigas to meet a highschool friend who would accompany me to Antipolo City. I plied the LRT-MRT routes and got off MRT Ortigas Station. Good thing my friend was already there when I reached Shangri La. We immediately headed to Antipolo City aboard a jeepney to get some important documents. After almost an hour, we reached Las Brisas in Antipolo City. Finally had lunch at 2pm after visiting Our Lady of Good Voyage Parish Church in Antipolo.

Straight from Antipolo, we headed back again to Ortigas Avenue. So thankful for my HS friend who gave me a lunch treat and who accompanied me with my Antipolo transaction. We parted ways in Ortigas. Then I contacted a friend who lives in Ortigas CBD and luckily, she was home. I visited her in their condo unit at 35th floor of Grand Emerald Tower and this was a pic of the view from the top which I took when I visited there.

After dinner, we went to Highlands Coffee shop nearby and spent hours just chatting and did some catching up.
I went home past ll PM.

On my 3rd day of my 1st Manila Trip this year, I intended to just stay home. I cleaned up the condo, fixed my things, and prepared myself for my later flight for Davao in the afternoon. Got out of the condo at 1pm, took my lunch on a fastfood chain at Taft Avenue, then headed to the airport and took the 4.15 flight bound for Davao.

My next Manila trip happened last April 26-29, 2013. This time, it was for another purpose - that is to claim my birthday gift which I did expect to really have. It was also at this trip when I included church visits in two of Manila's great churches - the Quiapo and Baclaran churces. Again, it was a solo trip. I didn't have friends or a family member with me. I just had the time for myself, for some discernment, reflection, and spent some time with God in His places of worship.

I arrived Manila on April 26, at around 5pm. Supposedly like to go out and visit Quiapo church but since it was drizzling at that time, I decided to stay and took some rest in the condo (I stayed in the same condo unit where I first stayed). The following day, I visited Quiapo Church first and guess what? I rode a jeepney, another great adventure for me. I heard mass along with too many people during my visit.  It was almost lunch when I went out of Quiapo Church. Headed to the nearest Jollibee in a shopping area near Quiapo and got myself a full tummy. Next stop after? Baclaran Church.

I just walked myself out of Quiapo area and thanks to the help of the people there, I found my way to LRT Carriedo Station that would take me straight to LRT Baclaran Station. It was a less than 20-minute ride and I walked my way through Baclaran tiangge stalls til I found where Baclaran Church is. It was a perfect timing coz mass was held.

After my Baclaran visit, I decided to go home to rest for a while before meeting up with a Manila-based college close friend. It was already past 4pm when we met. She took me to Makati Area. We window-shopped on Glorietta then finally had dinner at  Shakey's in Ayala Center. Before I went home that night, I bought a pair of shoes at SM Department Store in Makati for my early appointment the next day.

On April 29, exactly my birthday, I woke up early at 4AM. 

After everything's checked, went to an office along Roxas Boulevard for an early morning appointment. And guess what? I got the greatest gift this year!;) Like I said, I was actually claiming a birthday gift meant for me in Manila. I went out of the building before 9AM and headed to Baclaran to attend my birthday mass and of course to Thank God for His timely gifts for me.

My birthday did really start out fine. Rushed home before lunch and prepared my things for my late afternoon flight bound for Davao where my family's waiting for me. At that time, I can't really wait to tell them the good news! It was about 2pm when I decided to go to the airport. Arrived NAIA past 3pm and immediately checked in for my flight. I could have been disappointed because a lot of flights have been delayed but since I don't want to ruin my mood on my birthday, I just let the time passed by. It was actually a delayed flight which I did expect to happen.

I found out that there was an air traffic congestion, hence having a delayed flight for that matter.
It was already past 8pm when I arrived Davao. I was fetched by my family at the airport and we're rushing for dinner because we're almost late for Iron Man 3 and we got ticket reservations at that time. We took a quick dinner at Razon's and immediately went to the movies.

It was really a long day and I celebrated my birthday in two places. I really thanked God for His blessings, for my birthday gift and for the gift of family most importantly.

04 May 2013

Just Thinking (again!)

Many years have passed and I can't think of a single event in my life where I knew I'd really succeeded. I had a few achievements to be proud of but there were just a few compared to the degrees earned by a few friends. Setting foot to live a life abroad is another achievement I always dream of having. 

With the trials coming our way at the start of 2013, I didn't try to look ahead. I was hooked at the present moment, the present scenario on the aftermath of super typhoon Pablo. My family's been affected so much and that brought stress to my parents emotionally and financially. 

My strong faith and my conviction that we're gonna make it is something that keeps me moving.
I am hopeful. I became hopeful that life will be better for me in time. And that warrants me to look ahead.
I had this inch of hope that somehow, things will turn out to be okay in time, sooner I guess.

It was in March 2013 when a certain opportunity has been set before me.
Everything came after the other and I knew I've succeeded.
And the rest is history.

Right now, am so happy for the opportunities that come my way.
I'm so proud of myself of what I've achieved.
Sooner, I'd be living my dreams- for me, for my family, and on top of it all, to glorify GOD.

Saturday 9: Tunnel of Love

  Hey everyone. It's been a long while since I last participated in memes. Oh well, I've missed this and it's good to be back!;)

Tunnel of Love

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

1) Do you enjoy amusement park rides? 

2) In this song, Bruce likens romance to riding through the tunnel of love. The Red Hot Chili Peppers sing about a "Love Rollercoaster." What amusement park ride reminds you of your relationships?
**can't think of one at the moment

3) Bruce's nickname is The Boss. Who was your best boss? What made him/her a good supervisor?
**My best boss is our institution's supervisor. She's just so cool and don't give weight on nonsense matters as long as we get to work hand in hand to serve our purpose.

4) Bruce's father was a bus driver and his mother was a legal secretary. What professions did/do your parents work in? **My dad is self-employed as an engineer and my mom was a school administrator. She retired in 2006.

5) Bruce met his wife Patti at a bar in Asbury Park. Do you believe you can pick up lasting love in a bar?
**it depends if two souls would jive and connect with each other.

6) Springsteen was unable to work for years because he was embroiled in a lawsuit with his management company. Have you ever been sued, or sued someone else?
**No and I don't ever dream of that.

7) Bruce won an Oscar for writing the title song for the Tom Hanks movie Philadelphia. Do you have a favorite Tom Hanks movie? **Forrest Gump

8) Bruce's official Twitter account (@springsteen) has more than 389,000 followers. Do you tweet? If so, how many people follow you? **I do tweet but I keep my Twitter private. I only have 48 followers.;)

9) Bruce's drummer, Mighty Max Weinberg, led the band on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Who do you think is funnier -- Conan or Jay Leno? Or are you looking forward to Jimmy Fallon? **I haven't grasp on their personalities yet.

02 May 2013

Early 2013

The year 2013 didn't start out just right for my family. Having been a victim of a harsh super typhoon before the year ended in 2012 is something we could never forget. It surely did change our lives. I can't forget the first time I saw my parents when they came here in the city after the typhoon. Their skins got darkened because trees are no longer there to protect them from sunlight and they've really evacuated with all the things they can bring here such as our piano, the television, their luggage, etc. Our multi-cab was actually jam-packed with household things from our hometown. Upon seeing them, my heart's been crumpled. But what else could I do? What's more important to me then was having to see them alive and being spared from the wrath of that super typhoon.

Things have become simpler for us. We celebrated Holidays 2013 simply. No gifts found in our Christmas tree, only a few recipes on our table during Christmas and New Year's Eve. We never complained though. What was essential at that moment was the fact that we celebrated it as a family together. 

Trials rocked the family again when Mom got hospitalized first week of February and another trial, when my grandmother, my mom's mother passed away a week before my mom got discharged from the hospital. It was very stressful at that time for us, having to see mom underwent to another form of stress when she should be focused on recuperating. I am just glad that the family, most especially my dad, has been so supportive with what the family had undertaken. 

Right now, we're still trying to manage things in control and we're just so overly concerned with Mom's health which we fervently hope would really be okay. I am still thankful to GOD coz blessings are still with us despite everything. We still find time to bond together as a family, the one thing we try not to miss about especially when everyone's here in Davao.

I could really tell that FAITH in GOD and FAITH in what you can do works hand in hand. When everything's seems to be harsh and to the extent that I could feel that the load is at its heaviest, I just close my eyes and silently prayed to GOD. I also try to be optimistic so as to condition my mind that everything's gonna be okay.

As I close this post, I still am certain that everything's gonna be okay for us, that GOD is always with us and is watching over us.

18 February 2013

Valentines Day 2013

I always treat Valentines Day like an ordinary day and this year, I am treating it like how I treated my previous Valentines Day last year. For the record, I am single. I don't have anyone interesting to date. Besides, I wouldn't do the asking neither. Lol. To make this more understandable, I do not have a date and this time, nobody asked me out for a Valentine Date. Simple.

Nevertheless, I always consider Valentines Day as the time to express/re-express into words the love I have for my two loves- my parents. It is always during this day when I get to compose a note, post it on my Facebook, and simply text them of how much I've loved them. 

RIP Lola Sebia

I made this entry on my Facebook account and now I am sharing it here. I just want the world to know that we grieve, that my Lola's passing meant to us, and that I so love my Lola so much.

Here's my Facebook Note for my Lola:
I always associate my preschool years with you. You were there to keep an eye on me and my siblings during those years. How can I ever forget my Ilijan Sur, Tubigon, Bohol vacays with the family? You were there to ensure that we're comfortable and you used to tell us your stories. I would always be amazed on how well you've managed to take care of yourself independently when you're still alive despite your age no matter how many times you've been convinced by Mom to stay with us here in Mindanao. I would always be indebted for the concern you gave to the family and to your grandchildren. Lola, thank you so much for everything. We may never spent too much time together because of the distance that separate us, but I would like to tell you how much you've been loved by us, your Magno Family especially by Mama and Papa.
 In behalf of all your GALLO "apos",
Lola Eusebia Alasagas Gallo, we will miss you!
We love you Lola. Please continue to watch over us from heaven.
May You rest in peace.

Rocky Start of February 2013

Life is indeed a rollercoaster ride for me and my family this February 2013. We haven't gotten over Typhoon Bopha yet but we never blamed anyone of why such things happened. Instead, we tightened our grip on our FAITH coz we believe that God has plans for us in time. This February 2013, we're supposed to celebrate my sister's birthday. Unfortunately, Mom got sick and we're stuck in the hospital for 3 days. Indeed the Lord is Great because it's a short hospital stay only and we're ever thankful to our physician who didn't charge us with his professional fees. Mom is trying to recover at home. A few days after her hospital discharge, we got a news informing us of our Lola's passing, my mom's mother. We grieve. We prayed. And we accepted that fact. Maybe, Lola deserves to stay now in Heaven at her age (she's more than 80 when she died). In as much as I wanted to be there for her wake and burial, still I can't because of my skeds. I only whispered a prayer to GOD to take care of my Lola.

On a personal note, the start of February did not prove to be lucky to me. I got scratches! I got scratched by a cat on my hand, and yes, I needed to submit myself to the physician. Indeed, I was subjected to be receiving 3 shots of Verorab injections. Even if I suffered from deltoid injections, I am glad that I'm now done with them. And there's another scratch on my back from a torn zipper! I suffered the pain and at least right now the scratch have crusted and I can feel the pain no more.

I know all these have happened for a reason. I still am thankful though that despite all these, I got the strength to face them. I knew all these will pass. I knew everything will be okay someday, soon.

31 January 2013

Rainy Davao

The past few days, Davao City has been experiencing mild to moderate rains. With the nonstop occurrence of rain, a lot of people would get to panic especially those living near the Davao River at which this overflows should there would be heavy rains. Blame it on the so called "tail end of a cold front" or simply called as the "amihan" season where rains would be frequent. 

This was the day when the Davao River did overflow affecting Jade Valley Subdivision and other areas I failed to track with due to my working schedule.

23 January 2013


I got this feeling that I was never really a part of your life, not even as a friend. But due to sound reasons that I don't want hatred to dwell in our lives, I insisted to pacify it even if we can't be as close as before. However, you resisted. Now I've realized it is enough. Enough of being too nice, of being too considerate, of trying to think that things might change. Enough. Enough. Enough.

17 January 2013

At Peace At Least

I am generally at peace these days. Gone were the days when I used to wake up feeling so bad coz again I'd be exposed again in a place I certainly have a lot of adjustments with. I hate issues, I hate ill feelings of people to some people. I just wanna work and live life the way it's going to be lived. Well at least for now I've been freed from negative forces making life at work easier and better.

10 January 2013

On Moving On

With what has happened lately, my family is trying to get up and is on the verge of moving on.We still talked about Pablo devastating our beloved home town but at least we're trying to be okay now. We're trying to make things at least lighter each day. I already saw my parents smiling, and we enjoyed our time together here in the city. Like I said, we spent a very simple Christmas and New Year Holidays but what's important now is that we're intact, safe, and complete. May God give my family and the people of Baganga a New Hope and that someday our hometown will be restored to how it once were.