27 October 2012

Today is just like any ordinary day. However, my feelings have somehow been shaken a few days back after learning that my darling niece has just arrived abroad without letting us know, and even without bidding goodbye to us. I was sobbing in tears for that matter and more tears fell knowing how much my parents have been hurt. 

My niece is our happiness - a happiness being taken away from us. It would be better if we were told, if we had ourselves ready but it's not. She's been ripped off with her right to cling on to us a year ago. We searched, we waited that she'd visit us.To no avail, she didn't. I knew she loves us so dearly but she just can't manage to fight for us maybe because of fear. 

Now we're being torn into pieces. We've been hurt, emotionally.
I wish someday she will still look up to the love we gave her, and I wish someday she'll be strong enough to know and fight for her rights without being ruled by any other else.

Please be with her God.
Please be with us. 

I know these have happened for a reason. I know in time we'll get through this pain.