09 December 2012

Typhoon Pablo Makes Landfall in Baganga

Who would have thought that Typhoon Pablo will make its landfall in Baganga, Davao Oriental, my hometown, when all the news were focused on its anticipated landfall in Hinatuan, a province in Surigao del Sur?

Yes, it was early morning of December 4, 2012 at 4:45AM when all the news networks on TV aired Pablo's landfall in Baganga Davap Oriental. My thoughts were with my family specifically my parents during that time. I kept my fingers crossed thinking about them and how they might have been. I knew how strong this Super Typhoon 5 Pablo hitting Baganga. I prayed so hard for my families and for Baganga. While in Davao at Storm Signal Number 2, strong winds have occurred and rains did persist for the whole day. There was a brownout but in less than an hour, electricity was back. I and my sister spent the whole time that day just watching TV and stayed on the internet to get updates from our hometown.

We failed. 
We never got updates the whole day of December 4,2012, not even news and radio updates.
That night, my sister slept with me because she can't helped thinking bout our parents and relatives back there in Baganga. We slept late clueless and frustrated.

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