09 December 2012

Typhoon Pablo Hits Mindanao

Ever since I was young, I never experienced any typhoons here in Mindanao unlike in Luzon and other parts of the Philippines where typhoons frequent some places. That's one thing I'd forever be thankful of to GOD because Mindanao has been tagged as a typhoon-free area (that was then).

Not until the alert that Typhoon Pablo's gonna hit us first week of December.
At first, it was hard to believe it. How could I believe it when a few days before it occurred, the sun was way up high in the sky delivering its intense heat when all I wanna do then was to situate myself in a fully-airconditioned room. Dad even called up from Baganga and told me there's a storm signal alert that's why he ceased to leave for work to Cateel that day.

Yes, I did experience Typhoon Pablo's strength even if I am here in Davao that sad day of December 4. We're placed under Storm signal Number 2. In here, I heard the rumbling of the winds. I've witnessed the movement of the roofs nearby and also the slamming of the doors. I kept thinking how the typhoon might be like in my hometown where Pablo made its landfall.

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