11 December 2012

SAGIP Baganga

Our SAGIP Baganga tarpaulin posted at the premises of the University of the Immaculate Concepcion
With what's happening to our hometown as evident by the pics I've seen on Facebook, I decided to personally volunteer in a relief effort organization to extend my help to our fellowmen in Baganga. I just can't take it knowing that majority are now homeless and what they need right now are the relief goods for them to survive. It even pains me knowing that my Mom has lined up to get relief goods for the household. =( That is a sad reality each of us Bagange├▒os by heart to accept. 

To be able to serve the people, I am serving for SAGIP Baganga which is being organized by devoted Bagange├▒os. SAGIP Baganga is accepting donations/cash donations at the President's office of the University of the Immaculate Concepcion, Bonifacio Street in Davao City for the victims of Super Typhoon Pablo in Baganga Davao Oriental.

Relief Items needed: Rice, Canned Goods, Milk, Cup Noddles and other ready to eat food, water, assorted medicines, Clothings, Blankets, Flashlights w/ batteries, Tents, Mosquito Nets.

For cash donations, please deposit to BPI Savings Acct #: 2889-0529-56 Domitilla Apostol.

Please help save lives.
Please HELP Baganga and its people.


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