09 December 2012

Preparation for Storm Pablo

I came from a graveyard shift that day. I knew Super Typhoon Pablo was coming. I just slept to regain physical strength. When I woke up, I felt the cool breeze and got to listen to the sound of the wind. It's not as strong like how it was on the day Pablo had arrived but I knew the storm was coming. The clouds became dark and that signaled me to fix myself and go to the supermarket to buy our basic needs. My parents called up that day too, and likewise, they were also warned about the typhoon. I told them to take good care of themselves as it was aired that Pablo will make its landfall in Hinatuan in Surigao, which is a few hours from Davao Oriental. It was 5pm when I got to the mall. I bought candles, loaves of bread, canned goods, ready-to-cook foods, etc.  I even rushed home because I don't wanna get caught with the traffic. My mom also FB-messaged me, telling to go home too. 

That's how I prepared for Pablo.

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