17 December 2012

On Sacrificing Time

Christmas is supposed to be a merry making season but right now, with what has happened, I just can't feel its merriness. I heard friends busy about buying gifts, of attending parties while I myself is even undecided as to attend these parties or not. I am sure it would be a penniless Christmas for me because I need to sacrifice to be able to at least financially help or save for the family. I found myself restless too these days. Well I guess I need to. My hometown is totally damaged with 100% damaged infrastructures leaving a lot of people hungry and worst is, homeless. It is for that reason that I am volunteering for a relief effort group known as Sagip Baganga to be able to at least take my part in slowly helping the people with their basic needs, make them feel better, and at least challenge themselves to get up and start rehabilitating Baganga. With my volunteering, I've already sacrificed a lot of time even if I'm also having a present-day job which I also loved. 

All I am asking right now is for GOD to help me bless my physical health. I need more physical strength so I could fulfill both my tasks at work and in this relief organization I am working with. I know that with the best health, I could still serve and help a lot of people in the best way I know how.

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