29 December 2012

New Year Thoughts

The year 2012 has changed me. I became less talkative, less friendly, became more patient, pretty cautious of my actions, less attached to people like I used to (but not to those who dared get my attention), been disliked and back-stabbed by some which I fortunately knew, and learned to experience patience and humility in their truest sense. Must really be the general feeling, the negative forces that lies within, and I think the mixture of varied personalities which I should say I should need to adjust on with. And how can I forget this year when a life-changing event did hit my hometown resulting to a totally-devastated Baganga affecting the lives of many people.

Despite all that, I'm still thankful to 2012 for the continued blessings, for the not-so-good experiences that made me stronger like the occurrence of Typhoon Pablo and the trial that rocked my family when my brother and my mother got hospitalized this year which all strengthened my faith in GOD, and last but not the least, I am thanking 2012 for allowing me to be the person I least expect myself to be.

In the year 2013, I'd gonna get my old self back. I wanna reclaim that same old Viness that earned the trust of people in my circle of influence. I wanna cleanse myself and detach from all the negative forces that impedes my self-growth and in the way I deal with people. I want to rekindle friendship with people I called as friends. I want to re-instill again the power of optimism as I deal on with life. I wanna be more physically healthy too. As to my faith, I want it to be more strengthened, thus also strengthening the faith I have in what I am capable of doing.

For now, I am keeping my fingers crossed for 2013. I am bracing myself to the positive changes in 2013, and is looking forward to the realization of my heart's desires in 2013.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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