14 December 2012

Baganga NOW after Super Typhoon Pablo

The total devastation of Super Typhoon Pablo in the Municipality of Baganga with 18 barangays in it left us with nothing. Everyone is hardly hit. Pablo didn't choose the rich to be saved, nor the poor to succumb from the disaster. Everyone is equally fair with Pablo's wrath. With the attack of Pablo, municipal buildings are damaged, the market place is damaged, school buildings are damaged, and our homes are even severely damaged. Only a few houses stood still. Majority of the roofs of concrete houses flew off and joined Pablo in the air.  

Right now, the whole municipality has no electricity yet. Even telecommunication lines are paralyzed. The network towers of Smart and Globe aren't fixed as well. I heard that it takes years to rebuild bridges. Government documents are even wet with the rain because no roofs are there to keep them safe and secured. I just can't imagine how else would everyone go about with this change.

Right now, all I can do is to Pray, to pray for each and every one of us to be tough and strong to fight all the challenges. Unity and togetherness is what I am for. I know Baganga will rise again but it would take time for it to do so. 

Here's an aerial view of Baganga NOW taken by Jacque D. Rivera (thank you Jacq). I chose this because I personally think this is a perfect shot of Baganga NOW for the world to see. 

at the town of Baganga; the destroyed blue building at the lower right is the Baganga Central Elementary School, the 3-storey building at the upper left is St. Mary's Academy of Baganga.

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apple said...

Prayer is really the only one thing that we can do if we cannot help them in physical. In this way, we can help them to have strong faith that they can cope in this suffering.

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