09 December 2012

Baganga Experiences Power and Communication Outage after Pablo's Landfall

I had little less sleep and woke up too drowsy on December 5. Prepared myself early for work while TV was turned on for the news updates about Typhoon Pablo thinking by then that the media can already deliver news updates from our hometown. Still it's a failure in my part to get the freshest news from my beloved hometown as Governor Malanyaon, who was interviewed by ANC over the phone, said that there's a communication and power outage in Davao Oriental.

Feeling sad, I went to work with my mind solely thinking about the plight of my parents, relatives, and my kababayans back home. I was actually late at work because within me, I just wanna stay home til I could get to hear news from our place and to hear my parents talk.

It was past 2PM when I saw my mom's pic in my caller ID making the call. I jumped with joy, ran outside of our unit ward, and stayed where there's a strong signal. My mom related to me the details of how Pablo did attack the place. She told me how strong the wind was at that time. She related that Baganga is really pitiful right now because of the wrath of Pablo. Our house now stands without a roof and most of Baganga's houses are now roofless too! I told my Mom I was happy to talk to her. I asked her if they still got food for themselves. She reassured me they're okay but the whole town and the people in general aren't okay.

I really thanked GOD, Mama Mary for saving the lives of my parents.
Thank you really GOD for keeping them safe.
I love them so much that's why I can't afford not to think about them.

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