11 December 2012

Baganga, Davao Oriental Isolated?

Personally, I got so disappointed not being able to get any updates from my beloved hometown in Baganga, Davao Oriental, including updates about my relatives specifically my parents a few hours after learning that Super Typhoon Pablo made its landfall there. My sister and I stayed home during that day online and even turned the television on the whole day, hoping that at anytime, a breaking news or anything of that sort could be sought. It just worsened when I learned from ABS CBN News Channel ANC that there's a power and electricity outage in some areas in Davao Oriental, including our hometown. That explained why all my family's phone lines were out of reached.

On the later days, I got hold of the news that Baganga is among the isolated places to be stricken by that powerful typhoon and that it isn't still accessible. Why isolated? Is it because a certain bridge has collapsed in Baugo making it inaccessible? How come help didn't get through right away unlike those in New Bataan and the rest of the Compostela Valley Province? Can't choppers be hired for that instance to get hold of the news at least? Aren't there any collaborative efforts made from those people in authority to get the freshest news from there?

I really am disappointed for that matter.
It's not only me who's disappointed. A lot of BagangeƱos all over the world are so much disappointed.

It was only through Facebook pictures then that we're able to finally take a glimpse of our once-lovely hometown which turned out to be totally destructed by Pablo's wrath.

And that makes me sad.
Depressing pictures did make me sad.
Will Baganga be able to rise again?
I just bowed down my head and whispered a silent prayer to my family, relatives, kababayans, and my beloved place.

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Caleb said...

You have my sympathy. With prayers.