27 December 2012

A Different Christmas

This year, our family celebrated a very different Christmas setup. I am glad that we're complete, the family is intact and we're not harmed but surely in our hearts, we're sad because of the fate of our beloved hometown which was totally wrecked by Super Typhoon Pablo 4 weeks ago. We just can't hide how our hearts have been broken because of the situation. We could have celebrated it merrier this time, if not for that trial that ruined our Christmas plans.

I myself didn't feel like celebrating Christmas. I never bothered wrapping gifts which I used to. I did include that in my Facebook post that my family, friends, and "inaanaks" would understand why gifts aren't in my thoughts this Christmas. I don't want to give financial burdens that's why as much as possible with the little salary I got, I wanted it to spend for the family. My parents are not requiring me, but I just wanted to help, even in my own little way.

For the record, I did not also attend Christmas parties. I don't want to spoil parties by answering endless questions as to how are we doing right now. Christmas parties are meant to be fun that's why I don't wanna be a spoiler.

We celebrated Christmas this simple: we had 4 recipes on the table minus the lechon and the gifts. We do have a Christmas tree but a gift-less one and we're settled on that already.

At least right now, we're settled and okay and we're on our road to accepting the reality that Pablo is a life-changing event in our lives. We're trying to move on and let go. And I know soon, we'll totally be okay with God's guidance and with our fervent prayers to HIM.

Despite everything, we're still thankful to GOD coz we're safe and unharmed, plus blessings also that came our way recently.

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