21 September 2012

Hello Philippines.
Hello World.

I am still here but quite a busy bee though. Been busy with work stuff and nothing more. It's just that I can't find time to open my pc for blogging. Wish there's Blogger over Android so I could just blog of about anything. Well, the past days have been great. Nothing extraordinary to write about though. For the record, I met up with my high school friends last month just in time for a friend who's here for a vacation only. I had fun with them. I've been tagged to some Facebook pics but not me who's not anymore into updating my FB. For now, I am happy with how my life has been. I am working. I am happy working. There could be some trials but I am trying to surpass them. And most importantly, I am very optimistic of what lies ahead. I knew in due time I'd be facing another phase in my career. I can't blog about it for now but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I will try to blog about it as soon as everything's gonna be certain and clear.


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