07 July 2012

Reminiscing Sunny Days on Rainy Days!

Never really had an idea if the months of June and July really meant rainy months. I may have observed it though in the previous years but I haven't thought about it not until this year when days seem to be rainy. When I say it's rainy, it's really super rainy! Ah, the agony of navigating my feet in some areas infested with mud and flood and one thing I hate about rainy days? I don't know how to walk without getting my feet dirty under the falling rain.

With the rainy days happening, half of me reminisces how great it is when it is a sunny day. I don't really mean sunny days under the scorching heat of the sun but sunny days when air is cool and the sun is just gentle on my skin. Can't help but reminisce my summer escapade with friends last April when we're out of town spending some time in a beautiful paradise in Camiguin---> those were one of the best sunny days of my life! 

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