09 July 2012

One Great Manila Escapade

I was in Antipolo City for a live-in seminar along with some friends last May 2012. Indeed I must say that I was blessed with such opportunity because I gained a lot of learning I ought to learn plus the fact that I was sent there for free (free airfare and accommodation). We stayed there for 5 days and  as expected, we got in-between trips along the course of the training. One great memory I would say which was a memorable one was when we all visited the metropolis where I served as their guide (because I am a bit familiar with Manila compared to them). We joined the crowd in MRT stations hopping from one station to another, we loitered in some Manila malls, we made "tambay" in Bonifacio High Street, and of course, we can't afford to eat!:) 

07 July 2012

Reminiscing Sunny Days on Rainy Days!

Never really had an idea if the months of June and July really meant rainy months. I may have observed it though in the previous years but I haven't thought about it not until this year when days seem to be rainy. When I say it's rainy, it's really super rainy! Ah, the agony of navigating my feet in some areas infested with mud and flood and one thing I hate about rainy days? I don't know how to walk without getting my feet dirty under the falling rain.

With the rainy days happening, half of me reminisces how great it is when it is a sunny day. I don't really mean sunny days under the scorching heat of the sun but sunny days when air is cool and the sun is just gentle on my skin. Can't help but reminisce my summer escapade with friends last April when we're out of town spending some time in a beautiful paradise in Camiguin---> those were one of the best sunny days of my life! 

06 July 2012

Friday Fill-Ins! (7/6/12)


And...here we go!

1. I am happy with my current state!
2. Strawberries and apples are my favorite summertime fruits and vegetables.
3. To help me succeed, I should be armed with prayers and trust in GOD.
4. Spending time in the beach is the one thing I want to do this summer more than anything!
5. Just the other day I was saying it's over.
6. And I thought about it over and over again.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleep early, tomorrow my plans include hitting the gym and Sunday, I want to hear mass!

04 July 2012

The Psych Phenoms

Months before Christmas 2011, I made an FB page about our batch reunion. It was actually me who headed the planning and what to expect. 15 batchmates did commit but unfortunately, only four showed up. This wasn't actually a reunion but a mere get-together of four pysch phenoms.

So glad I got to see this three people. We dined at Trellis and made "tambay" at Starbucks. 

I hope next time, a lot could attend.
I miss you all batchmates!


Okay this is the story that I so long wanted to confess.

Exactly 3 years ago today (that was 2009), we started to exchange messages. Of course, I knew him through the now defunct Friendster random friends, and from there we exchanged numbers. I never thought that the consistency of communication could actually develop into something closest to real friendship. And that's how it all started.

We've been friends for months. With the aid of technology, we used to talk, exchanged SMS, sent emails, sang, laughed, and truly became friends. We shared so many stories about life and our families. We actually were like good friends, though we never really saw each other personally. I did consider that as true friendship. A genuine one.

Until he broke ties with me the day after we happily talked on the phone.
I was blamed for such a shallow reason.
And he left.

It was during those times that I felt the loss.
With my chasing him consistently trying to save the friendship, I realized one thing.
I was drawn to him. I fell for him.

I only got heartaches and humiliations.
At some point, I got sad.
I questioned why we had to meet only to find out that he's not gonna stick with me (not even as a friend).

I tried to be okay for quite some time.
And after a long while, I became so okay.
He'd still occupy my thoughts but not as much as how it was like before.

June 3, 2012 - I got a message from him.
He apologized for the heartaches and humiliations.
I wouldn't have replied but I did.
I told him I've managed to be okay, even without him.
I explained that I took his apologies, yet I still can't forgive him.

For now, I am still trying to be okay despite that some memories of him occupies my thoughts since he sent me an email. However, things are under control. 

Today is the last day that I'm gonna wait for his message.
If there would be no message from him today, it's as good as he put our friendship to an end -- the truth that I'd like to take with me forever.

Hello Blogosphere!:D

Hello Blogosphere!

Yes, this is me again greeting each blogger who peeks in my blog. Been so busy lately but I admit I do miss blogging. 

Anyway, today is a very wonderful day to me. I woke up with a very fine weather (yes!). Been raining for the past few days. If it's not gonna rain, it's also too sunny and I kinda hate that. Today's just different because it's not sunny and there has been no signs that it's gonna rain (now am smiling). 

I hope this weather will remain. :D

Woke up to the sight of this. Awesome, aight? :D