06 May 2012

On Becoming Optimistic

The year started slow for me. I even faced some trials along the way at an early start like my brother being rushed to the hospital on the first week of January 12 because of his health condition needing emergency treatment. I knew how we sacrificed much and that includes my family, however, we still were hopeful that we could surpass this trial. And yes, we really did. Nothing much happened in the first quarter of 2012 and nothing more exciting coz I was too engrossed with having to adjust on my new work assignment (yes! I got a new ward to deal with). It's in the April month that I got excited knowing that I got an anticipated summer getaway with friends. And yes, it was a very successful trip for me with me leading the organizing, budgeting, and other stuff related to the trip. After the getaway, everything seems to be in place. Another opportunity is set to happen this May and I know this will be the start of something to look forward to---> another milestone in my career.

As of the moment, I can't help but be grateful to GOD for all these. I knew everything would be in place. I knew everything's gonna be a reality and not just a dream. And with full optimism, I am looking forward to what's deem to happen in the next few months. 

I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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