19 February 2012


It's already 2012, actually been almost 3 months in 2012, and yes, this is my very first 2012 entry. So much have happened and life's getting busier, thus, my inability to update or inject new entries in my blog. I'm not gonna sworn over again in terms of updating but one thing's for sure, I'm just gonna blog anything worth blogging about.

At this time of the year, I just thought of reinventing my blog --- to reinvent means not making this blog too personal. Call it confidentiality as others may consider it. Gone were the days when I got eager to share bout some personal stuff.

I still would like to post interesting and worth-reading-type of entries. I may appear like a trying hard writer but I'm gonna make sure that I'd still be giving my best to it.

By the way, I'd still be participating in surveys and memes which I've learned to love as part of my blogging experience!=)

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