08 December 2011

Mother Knows Best!

I kept mum about being linked to somebody to my mom over the years. I knew she ever had an idea ever since but I never told her about it. It was only two days ago, as we chatted on the phone, that I ever confirmed that to her. An immature act of the third person involved led me to open it up to her. It was actually funny, I mean the immature deed. It's just funny how this person can't seem to just move on when in fact she once mentioned in her Facebook status that she got reasons to be happy.

When telling this to my mom, she got no big reactions at all. Long before I told her about it, she already knew. The conversation I and Mom had was full of stories and tell-tales. We laughed over some things for hours and told her not to mind the persons involved in case they meet.

Deep inside, my heart was actually laughing about such immaturity.
I just hope she could move about. I hope she could get rid of such insecurity.
Everybody deserves to be happy, and I hope she could finally find it in her heart.

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