03 December 2011

July 2011 Manila Trip

I was indeed too lucky to be able to go to Manila and vice versa for only 155 Philippine peso. Funny coz the terminal fees, both in Davao International Airport and in NAIA Terminal 3, are more costly than my airfare. My special thanks to Cebu Pacific for my cheap flights and for continuously having affordable flights for every Juan. ;)

I was in Manila last July 22-25, 2011. I got no major reason to be there except for the fact that I just wanna spend my OFF days there, together with my friends whom I rarely see but often missed. I took a night flight of July 22 and I was glad that my friend, Joy, from my Ateneo days fetched me at the NAIA. It was past 10pm when I arrived. We immediately headed to their house in Las Pinas. As expected, we chatted until the wee hours of dawn. When I woke up, I was told that my friend left the house for work which I did understand. I had Manang, her house help, to offer me breakfast. She also left her laptop along with her wifi password for me to use. Really so nice and thoughtful of her to make me feel so welcome in their humble abode. After lunch of July 23, Manang ushered me to where the buses plying to Manila are stationed at. I knew I was then a stranger to that place but with my good vision and my ability to read, I well knew that I'd never be lost. When I reached Manila, I became confident because I'm a bit familiar with it already. I rode on a train via LRT heading to Taft where I'd be meeting my other friend Maf. It was glad seeing her after 4 years of not seeing each other. She's still the same, physically. Since my sister would be arriving from Palawan to Manila on that day, Maf and I had a side trip to NAIA 3 just to meet her. Aboard the Airport Shuttle for a minimal fee, off we went to the airport. There, my sister was waiting for us. We ate at Shakey's just inside the NAIA 3 and we took pics of the beautiful NAIA 3.

When my sister entered the boarding area waiting for her flight bound for Davao, Maf and I went to the Piazza at Venice in McKinley Hills. The view at night is spectacular. The catchy view which is the colorful fountain is very pleasing to the eye. I saw a lot of young people there and that was also the time when a band of promising artists had performed. There was also an ongoing bazaar at affordable prices. I just love the ambiance at the Piazza.

Since I'd gladly like to sing on a Saturday night, we went to a videoke/karaoke house in Makati CBD. There, we sang our heart's out. We danced and sang the night away.

Past midnight, we went home and this time, I stayed at Maf's house. Maf's family is very accommodating. Again before sleeping, Maf and I chatted. I had a good sleep too!;) The next day, Sunday, Maf had to work. We left their house and I stayed for awhile at Maf's work place in Makati while I waited for Joy's message. After an hour, Joy and I finally agreed to meet at Greenbelt along with Rems. We met at lunchtime and had lunch together at Conti's Pastry Shop and Restaurant along Greenbelt 2. I really loved the foods they have for their customers! All were so tasty and delicious, and they got big servings too! Tummy was so full on that day.

Afternoon of that same day, we met our friend Xtianne with hubby, Budi and we spent time just chatting and updating bout our own lives at Starbucks in Makati. I felt so good at that time because my Ateneo friend really took some time to spend time with me during my Manila stay.

My Manila trip 2011 is really one of my unforgettable trips because in this trip, I have had great memories spent with good friends.

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