03 December 2011

Cebu Pacific's Piso Fare :)

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Proud to have availed this Piso Fare Promo last February 2011!:)

I was checking on my Facebook account sometime February before the Chinese New Year Celebration when a news feed from Cebu Pacific (we're FB-connected) announced that there's an ongoing Piso Fare promo. Without further ado, I logged in to their site to check if there were still flights available. At that time, I never had an idea where to go but because it's piso fare, I just considered many options. On first check, I was a bit disappointed because there were no promos found. I checked again on their FB account and there I saw a lot of bad comments about it from those wanting to take Cebu Pac's Piso Fare promo flights. Well, patience was in me at that time so I checked on the site again. Surprisingly, there were promo flights in place. When being prompted about where I wanna go, I first had in mind that I'd go visit Bohol again. However, I realized that I got more Bohol visits than in Manila so I opted to choose the Davao-Manila-Davao flights. After filling in the necessary details, I was surprised that I only had to pay 155 Philippine peso for that. Since I do not own a credit card, I opted to pay in one of their payment centers which is LBC. Copying all the booking details in my itinerary, I payed the amount required. After 48 hours of payment, I checked on my status and I got a CONFIRMED flight for July 2011 with a round-trip Davao-Manila-Davao tickets!

I was too happy being able to avail of the airline's Piso Fare Promo and still I'm hoping that I could get another promo fares soon. :)

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