08 December 2011

August 2011 Part II: Visiting Tagum's Christ the King Cathedral

After attending our friend's wedding at CAP Auditorium in Tagum, we're set to go back to Davao City to take part in some Kadayawan Festival activities. But we just can't miss one thing -- a visit to Christ the King Cathedral. Unsure of where it is located, we headed to Apokon Road and we asked several people about it. We hit the road going to the cathedral after we're sure of its location and til finally get into the place.
The view is really great in there. It's a big place that can hold to a vast number of people. I love the cross at the back of the cathedral itself and the back view of the cathedral. Serenity of the place is also there. It's a quiet place good for reflection and discernment. The front view of the cathedral by the way includes the sculpture of two dolphins and some other sculptures. I've learned this was done by a famous Davao artist who's also responsible for making the sculptures found in People's Park. We enjoyed our visit there as pics were taken for souvenirs.

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