08 December 2011

August 2011 Part 1: A Friend's Wedding

August is a joyous occasion in Davao City because of the celebration of the Kadayawan Festival which happens on the 3rd week. In this joyous celebration, a lot of events are held. There's the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan participated by a lot of contingents, the floral float parade participated still by the contingents plus the business firms, a "Kaan-Dawet" along Davao's city street (this year it was in Roxas Street) where there are a lot of foods stalls for the people to eat and a live band entertainment is there to amuse the general public, and who could ever forget the beauty contest which is the Mutya ng Kadayawan.

This year, August 2011, my friends and I took part in the said celebration. We, though, took part on the very last day of the said event on a Saturday. It was actually a whole day of fun for us, the berks, because we started so early and went home early morning of Sunday, the very reason why I have to blog it in different posts since I do not want to make a very looooong post for this entry.

Now comes the first part: A friend's wedding.--->

We started to gather as early as 9:00AM at McDonald's because we need to attend to a friend's wedding being held in Tagum City. With friends in tow, we took a 1.5-hour trip to Tagum City and went straight ahead to the reception in CAP Auditorium. I loved how the reception area looked like. There were fresh flowers in the area. The lighting was also given much attention to. We arrived at the area just in time for lunch. There, the couple Rose and Mark met us. Rose, a close of friend of ours, embraced us because it's been a long while since we last met up with her since she left for the UK. She was too happy to see us. Well, another friend of ours got married, and funny since the girls in the group wondered who would be the next of us to get married. Lol. We have witnessed some parts of the program. We saw the couple danced, the cake and wine ritual, the traditional opening of the bell with lots of goodies in it, the lovebirds ritual, and the bouquet and stocking tradition. We also took lunch to satisfy our hungry stomachs and went on with taking pics before leaving for Davao.

Here are the pics we got during Rose and Mark's Wedding:

We're so happy that our friend has finally found someone meant for her. We hope for a successful marriage for the both of you.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there! I can't view your photos on this post. I do really want to check out the reception area of your friend's wedding. Hope you can fix it. Thank you!