17 November 2011

A Visit at the Isla

This is another late post but it's never too late yet. Lol.

Well, before a good friend of mine flew home from KSA, she mentioned about visiting Isla Reta, another great beach resort found in Talicud Island, which is more or less an hour boat ride from Davao City. When she got home in April, we did schedule an overnight getaway the next month.

In May 2011, three girls (that's me, Melds, and Tin) went out of the hustle-and-bustle city life and prepared to embrace the serenity in Isla Reta. We left Davao City via ferry at the Sta. Ana Wharf past 2pm. The trip took longer than expected because we took a passenger ferry that went to another island first before leading us to our destination. It was already past 4pm when we reached the place and it was about to get dark. Just as we arrived the area, my friend asked the resort personnel if there's still an available room for 3. Since it was a weekend, all accommodations were already filled up. Good thing, we bought a tent with us out of anticipation that we might not get a room for us. The crew was kind enough to help us settle the tent. The weather that night was participative. No signs of rain coming. Only the cool temperature did envelop us. As the tent was secured and in place, we took our dinner.

After taking some time to rest after eating, we decided it's time to test the waters and take a dip on them. Who can ever forget to take pics as we play and get into the waters? ;)

We called it a night before midnight and slept inside the tent.

In the morning, we were greeted by the sun rays, still with cool breeze. Immediately took our breakfast because we still longed to be in the waters in the morning. Post breakfast, all of us took a swim and everything became a part of the memory.

That visit in Isla Reta is one great memory of friendship and serenity I have held in my heart and will always be treasured.

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