30 November 2011

To My One and Only Pamangkin

Note: This was a note I made for my niece who celebrated her birthday 2 weeks ago. I just missed her so much! I wish her well and may she always be strong and determined to succeed in life.

Dear Jeps,

Happy 12th Birthday to the precious and beautiful lady pamangkin of mine who still is and will always be my topmost fave "bata" in the whole wide world. You well knew how much I love you, how much your Papa Jem loves you, how much your Tita Amor loves you, much more of the love Daddy and Mommy is giving you. Circumstances are just so mean which draw us apart but it doesn't mean that we love you less( and still you know that). You just don't know how much we wanted you to always be with us. I know in God's time, there will still be a chance that we could all be together. Having been exposed to some of life's ironies, I wish you more strength as you grow up. I know you are a smart and a brilliant girl which we've always been proud of. I love you so much Jepz, your Magno Family loves you so much, and you know that. By the way, I owe you a date at any time of your convenience and we could watch movies, pig out, or play at Timezone.Just let me know when.

Finally, may GOD grant you the desires of your heart and may you be blessed with good health, and a strong heart as always.Take care of yourself dearie. Take extra care.

Once again, I love you and I miss you so much.

Happy Birthday

From your Darling Tita

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