22 November 2011

A Simple Keepsake For A Friend

She's been a good friend to us, to me, and to everyone whom she considered special. We spent most times together during celebrations of life like birthdays, parties, or just a simple chit-chat anywhere at anytime. She's someone I consider a true friend. When I learned that she's leaving, I personally had a feeling with mixed emotions. However, reality has it and we need to face the thought that I may not be able to see her like I used to.

On the first week of October, I had the courage to make this simple slide show meant for her, also in behalf of the group. Finally during our last dinner with her, we showed it to her. Looking at her teary-eyed while viewing this also made me to shed some little tears, hahaha!

Seriously, she will be terribly missed but we're happy to where she's heading at.

Now take a glimpse of this simple keepsake for her:

To our Good Friend Donna Bell, This is All For You on PhotoPeach

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