06 November 2011


The way I take life is constantly changing over the years. I knew I used to be so pessimistic but having this outlook doesn't give any help. It is useless. Pointless to be exact. Then it just happened when one day I felt like the positive energies were coming in. Swear, it was a different day from the usual. Since then, I did try to think of the positive things despite how negative they can be. Now, gone are the bad days, the thought of having bad days. Problems now, though taken seriously, are carefully been grasped upon. Trials, yes, we can never get rid of them but personally, I am trying to take them as challenges. If some things aren't meant for me, I'd rather let go although letting go is quite difficult to do. Family matters? Nothing much to worry. I am now savoring priceless moments with them whenever we can. I actually find joy in it. Where did I get my strength? From the lessons learned and of course, my FAITH which always saves me.

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