07 September 2011

Your Relationship Status

I've just learned that you're officially in a relationship. I knew you were already but did not just update your social network info. However, last night you made it known to the world that you're in a relationship with somebody I of course do not know personally. Its impact on me? Not anymore great. Why? Because I knew I never existed and you never were. We've just known each other virtually and these eyes of mine had never saw your face for real. But despite that, I still made myself proud knowing that I was once your virtual great friend, someone you admitted that you found comfort with with talking, and someone who knew all your fears but had encouraged you to beautifully deal with life. Too bad that friendship came to an end for that unacceptable reason of yours. Right now, I wish you happiness. I wish you value your relationship with your recent girlfriend. I wish you grow up to be the man you want to be - a man without fears, a man always ready to conquer the world despite all the obstacles that may come along.

I knew one day, you would look back and remember me - my words, and my person and the influence I made into your life.

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