07 September 2011

Girl Bonding with My Friend

She's my high school friend. After high school, we less saw each other. Later I've learned was she got married to a foreign national. Whenever I go home to my hometown, I could not remember her going home even on special occasions. Later did I learn that she now stays for good with her family in another Asian country. It is only through Facebook that we found each other. =) Thank GOD really for FB and aside from me, she also rekindle her friendships with our other high school friends.

Last month, she went home with her two young lovely daughters in tow. I really appreciated her having to travel on long flights with still small kids. Her eldest is 5 and her youngest is 2. I've learned that her eldest is already responsible for herself. During her vacation here, I was more than glad that she found time to accommodate and see me despite her busy schedules. On one particular August day, we met up and spent hours together where she termed it as a "Girl Bonding Night". Indeed it was a girl bonding night because we had dinner just the two of us at Trellis 'N Vines along F. Torres and we savored the tasty and juicy baby back ribs including the veggie and soup we ordered. After getting our tummies filled, we went to K1 Spa and pampered ourselves with their special foot spa and massage. It was really nice because my tired feet was pampered again after a tiring day's work. We spent for more than an hour inside the spa. It wa already past 10.00pm when we went to Cups and Lowercase, a bar and a coffee shop and we spent more hours there until 12 midnight. That "Girl Bonding Night" we had was one of the most relaxing moments I've ever had in my whole life without having to think much of the responsibilities I have to deal with in my everyday life. =) Really thankful for this wonderful friendship I shared with Mrs. H.Y.. 'Til our next bonding with some of our batch mates!=)

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