07 September 2011

Friendship Turns Sour?

I have known you for quite sometime. But I have known you much deeper from the day we worked together in a certain area. I never had any negative thoughts about you. I was just observant on how you're dealing with everybody and the world. I think I gained your trust because you told me things I never thought you would share. I apologize though if sometimes I confront you for things you failed to appreciate in yourself. I often tell you to forget about those painful heartbreaks. These people especially guys, didn't deserve to have you in the first place. Even if I don't directly say it, I am very much concerned about you especially in the realm of relationships. The times that we're always talking, I feel proud myself because I knew I am trustworthy. When you also need silence, I just respect that.

However lately, things have turned out differently. I could not exactly identify where did I go wrong. It even worsen knowing that we're not talking like we used to plus the fact that I can't exactly tell where did I go wrong. I used to think that maybe, I am just too noisy at that time or perhaps you're not just in the mood. If it was about something that I've said, I can't exactly recall which part of it did piss you off.

These days, I realized I may not be really a friend to you.
Because if I were, I would have known the truth why you turned sour.
And everything would have been like how it used to be.

Finally, I only have this to say:
I did never do anything to disappoint you.
In case I may have hurt you in a way, I terribly am sorry.
For now, I do respect the gap between us.
Only TIME can tell as to where this friendship would lead to.

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