23 August 2011

Page Rank Minus 1

Hello Fellow Bloggers.
I do not want to apologize for not blogging. Why? It's simply because I always get the same reason over and over again. Embarrassing. Yes. But my reason is valid. Very much valid.=) By the way, I just checked my page rank. Surprisingly, my page rank of 3 went down to page rank of 2. What do you expect? Less posts. Less entries. Only memes. Certainly, it would went down. Lucky though coz it didn't reach page rank 0 (I hope not!). Still I am proud coz all my 3 blogs are all on page rank 2 which is not really bad at all. For now, I'm gonna post stuff when I can and yes, no promises and no apologies. I just want to blog at anytime I want to.

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