23 August 2011

Anxiety Level Rises!

I think I've blogged bout retaking my IELTS. My last test was in 2006 and I need to retake it as a requirement for a certain renewal. Honestly, I am anxious, just mildly anxious! Who wouldn't be? I only get a few hours for review plus I am working at the same time. It's not anymore like before when reviewing was my only main concern at that time. These days? I can only get to attend my review classes when my sked permits me to. Too bad! I got duty rotations. Who wouldn't be anxious then when I am not really fully prepared? I just can't afford to fail because of the costly more than 9k IELTS fee.

I just hope I can surpass this challenge of passing the IETLS soon.
Please help me pray.

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